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Forced Disruption of Anatomy Education in Australia and New Zealand: An Acute Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Nalini Pather, Phil Blyth, Jamie A. Chapman, Manisha R. Dayal, Natasha A.M.S. Flack, Quentin A. Fogg, Rodney A. Green, Anneliese K. Hulme, Ian P. Johnson, Amanda J. Meyer, John W. Morley, Peter J. Shortland, Goran Strkalj, Mirjana Strkalj, Krisztina Valter, Alexandra L. Webb, Stephanie J. Woodley, Michelle D. Lazarus

Where There is Challenge, Comes Great Opportunity 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused unexpected disruptions to educational practice around the world in 2020. Rapid adjustments were necessary as government-imposed physical distancing regulations were put into effect. The authors of this study focused on the adjustments to anatomical educational practice with restricted anatomy laboratory teaching practices. 

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