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Impact of shift duration on alertness among air-medical emergency care clinician shift workers

P. Daniel Patterson PhD, NRP; Matthew D. Weaver PhD, EMT-P; Mark A. Markosyan NRP; Charity G. Moore PhD; Frank X. Guyette MD; Jack M. Doman MS; Denisse J. Sequeira BS; Howard A. Werman MD; Doug Swanson MD; David Hostler PhD; Joshua Lynch DO; Megan A. Templin MPH, MS; Nigel L. Rozario MS; Lindsey Russo MS; Linda Hines JD, RN; Karen Swecker RN; Michael S. Runyon MD; Daniel J. Buysse MD

Fatigue at work is a common problem among EMS shift workers working long duration shifts. Using a prospective observational cohort study over 14 days of EMS clinician shift workers at four air-medical EMS organizations, the authors measured behavioral alertness to determine if there are deficits in performance.

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