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Outdoor Emergency Care: A Patroller's Guide to Medical Care, Sixth Edition



Developed in partnership with the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care: A Patroller’s Guide to Medical Care, Sixth Edition, is designed to prepare first responders to handle any medical situation in the outdoor environment, during all seasons.

The Sixth Edition features:

  •  A straightforward, consistent patient assessment process presented in the same way that patients are assessed in the health-care system, with flowcharts provided throughout to keep the reader focused on each step of the process
  • Up-to-date content in each chapter, that accurately represents current prehospital patient care
  • Unique subject matter for ski and bicycle patrollers, including extrication, that meets and exceeds the National Emergency Medical Responder criteria, and combines the disciplines of urban EMS and wilderness medical rescue
  • Continuous case studies in each chapter to encourage critical thinking and application of the information presented
  • Review questions at the end of each section and chapter that allow students to evaluate knowledge they have gained
  • Specific objectives that tell students at the outset what they are expected to learn for each chapter