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First Responder Support & Resilience


First Responder Support & Resilience is an interactive simulation where you learn how to support other first responders and practice talking to coworkers who are going through challenging times. As you complete the scenarios, you’ll learn how to approach checking in with coworkers you’re concerned about, show them that you understand their challenges, help them problem-solve, and if necessary, connect them to additional help.

Let’s face it, these conversations are not easy. Like most high-intensity, low-frequency events, the time that we take to practice and train for these difficult situations allows us to be ready when it really counts. When someone needs your help, knowing how to listen and respond appropriately is critical. This simulation allows you to practice and learn from these conversations in a safe environment so you are prepared to handle these situations in the real world. The skills you’ll practice are relevant for any situation where you’re supporting a coworker or friend.

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