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Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Administration, Second Edition



The Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Administration, Second Edition provides in-depth information needed to be a successful company officer, battalion, commander, deputy chief or chief executive officer, providing the necessary base curriculum to meet the FESHE requirements. With experience in leading various departments and national organizations, Chief Bruegman’s experience as a brings a real-world focus on the principles of leadership and management in a changing environment. This text will help you to understand your personal style and tendencies so you can develop your leadership abilities and capacity, with a focus on preparing you to be successful in the future. This text brings a focus on leadership ethics, team building, analytical approaches to the fire and emergency services, continuous quality improvement, community risk reduction, and looks at future trends that will impact the profession.

Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Administration, Second Edition answers three key questions for aspiring fire service leaders:

  1. What are the important issues for leaders in today’s fire and emergency services?
  2. What will make a leader become more successful in the future?
  3. What makes excellent fire and emergency service leaders?

A Complete Teaching and Learning System for Today’s Learners  

This text is an integral resource for officers, those studying for promotion, individuals taking civil service examinations, and fire science students. It is part of an integrated teaching and learning system that combines dynamic features and content to support instructors and to help prepare students for their leadership career in the fire service.

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