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Applications of Fire Research and Improvement, Second Edition

Applications of Fire Research and Improvement 2E


Applications of Fire Research and Improvement, Second Edition, provides the basic principles of research and research-based improvement methodologies for analyzing fire-related processes research. Written to the course outline and objectives from the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Bachelor Core curriculum for Applications of Fire Research (C0260), authors Michael Gunderson and Jeffrey Lindsey blend both academic information for the student and real world applications for the practicing fire professional.

Features Include:

  • Up-to-date information meeting the FESHE objectives for the Applications of Fire Research (C0260) course specifications.
  • A comprehensive approach to fire research and fire process improvement based on application of the scientific method, accessible to all fire service personnel interested in the latest and most cutting edge research and improvement methods in their field.
  • Real world application and integration of case studies
  • Wrap Up section at the end of the chapters includes Chapter Summary, Key Terms and Review Questions reinforce student learning and retention.

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