Fisdap Mobile

Get access to Fisdap on your smartphone or tablet with Fisdap Mobile,
now available on Google Play and the App Store.

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Access your Shift List

Headed out the door for your shift? Use "Map it" to quickly pull up directions to your site. 




Attach important shift information

Shift Attachments is a brand new addition to Fisdap.

  • On the ambulance, snap a photo of an ECG strip and add it to your shift. 
  • Attach photos of paper shift documentation to make entering your data easier after your shift.
  • In the lab, snap a photo of scenario moulage or the notes on the whiteboard.

After you're home from your shift, easily access your attachments via the full desktop application.

Use photo of your signed shift documention as sign-off

Depending on your program’s settings, you may even be able to use a photo of your signed shift documentation as preceptor sign-off for your shift, creating an easy digital record and cutting down on the amount of paper you have to carry around.




The Path to Skills Tracking

This release is just one on the road to full patient data entry on Fisdap Mobile. Our app will continue to grow and change as we receive customer feedback. We're very grateful for your patience and your input as we continue to iterate and improve. What features do you want to see next? Let us know! Email with your comments and questions.