Fire Behavior and Combustion Processes, Second Edition provides a straightforward, comprehensive resource for students in fire science degree programs, an up-to-date refresher for active firefighters, and an engaging experience for all learners. Through case studies, improved accessibility, and relatable new content, learners will develop an understanding of the basic principles of fire chemistry, the processes of fire combustion, and fire behavior. Because the subject of fire behavior is often complex, this resource clarifies theoretical concepts, explains their importance, and illustrates how they can be applied in a practical way in emergency situations. 

Suitable for associate's-level (2-year) fire science courses, this title is correlated to the FESHE Fire Behavior and Combustion course. 

This exciting update improves on the first edition in numerous ways: 
  • New case studies at each chapter's beginning and end make the content more relevant than ever. 
  • New review and discussion questions help students retain information and build critical thinking skills. 
  • The completely revised design showcases full-color images and improved readability to engage every student. 
  • Learning objectives, key terms, summaries, and tip boxes focus and reinforce learning in each chapter. 

Additionally, instructors and students will enjoy new expert content on fire flow, wet chemicals, lithium-ion battery fires, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs), solar panels, firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS), fire tornados, attic fires, local code applications, backfires, fire ratings, the Department of Homeland Security, active shooter scenarios and riots, and more.  

Engage your associate's-level fire students with this accessible, updated edition of Raymond Shackelford's renowned text on fire behavior and combustion.